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The Wiesmueller Law Firm's goal is to provide clients with the same high level of representation provided by other firms at an affordable price.  Thank you for considering The Wiesmueller Law Firm.  We practice in the areas of Family Law / Divorce, and Criminal Defense.


Criminal Defense


If you are facing criminal charges, you need an experienced attorney to assist you in your defense.  In criminal law, there is no set way to resolve a case.  Every alleged crime has different facts, penalties, defendants, victims, prosecutors, and judges.  Getting the best resolution of a case is matter of determining possible motions, possible trial defenses, the defendant's treatment needs, the judge's likely handling of the case, and the DA's likely handling of the case.


Attorney Christopher Wiesmueller has years of experience practicing criminal defense in Southeastern Wisconsin, primarily in Waukesha County.  If you want a law firm that knows the judges, prosecutors, and local procedures in Waukesha County, you have found the right law firm.


At your FREE initial consultation we will discuss any possible legal and factual defenses you may have.  Because our firm prefers to aggressively litigate criminal defense cases, we may refer you to another law firm, if your case would be better resolved through simple negotiation or if you'd like to take the State's initial settlement offer.  Our criminal defense fee structure reflects our mentality: we litigate and try cases.  


Attorney Christopher Wiesmueller ordinarly has at least 4 criminal jury trials a year, and is a prolific filer of motions to suppress and other pretrial motions.  Other criminal defense firms of a similiar size, may try 0-1 cases to a jury a year.  He has successfully handled hundreds of cases.

On these pages, you will find a listing of our notable results in criminal cases, as well as specific information about specific state crimes.


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Our attorneys bring experience, expertise, and skill to the table. Whether it is the drafting table, the negotiation table, or the courtroom table, we are prepared to fight for you. The Legal Team



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